Need help announcing your auction?

Now that you've finished planning your auction, it's time to start spreading the word about your event and get your bidders all signed up! Creating an auction announcement that's eye-catching and informative for all your supporters is a great way to boost your registrations and get people excited for your auction.
With our auction announcement template, you can design and customize your own auction announcement that will have your supporters flocking to your website to register for your event in no time!
Auction Announcement Template

Need help announcing your next auction?

Keeping your supporters in the loop is easier than ever with modern technology, and how better than with a regular newsletter from your organization? A newsletter is a great way to help your donors feel more involved and keep them up to date on events, news, and projects your nonprofit has going on.
With our nonprofit newsletter worksheet and template tips, you’ll be building and writing engaging newsletters your supporters will look forward to seeing in their inboxes regularly in no time.
Auction Announcement Template