New to the fundraising world? Just starting to explore online donations? Want to revisit the fundamentals? This Fundraising Bootcamp is for you!

No matter your level of experience, you'll get the know-how you'll need to whip your online fundraising into shape.

This series of emails include best practices & strategies that help you with:

  • Choosing the perfect online fundraising platform
  • Setting up an online fundraising account
  • Building the perfect donation page
  • Getting online event registrations
  • Cultivating your donors
  • Evaluating your fundraising success

What are you waiting for? Enlist in Fundraising Bootcamp and get ready to be a lean, mean fundraising machine!


Qgiv offers our organization the most up-to-date fundraising and gift processing features that we have not been able to find even within some of the largest gift processing companies in the industry. We really appreciate the fact that when we have a question, a simple phone call results in an individual person on the line, as well. No obnoxious electronic system that we need to be directed through!